HVACR Training Opportunity: Over 100 Sessions to Attend March 15 – 26, 2021

Contributed by ESCO Institute Director of Technical Education and Standards Eugene Silberstein, M.S., B.E.A.P., CMHE Having spent over forty years in the HVACR industry, as a technician, contractor, instructor, consultant and author, I had the opportunity to attend, and often present at, many national conferences. It was not, however, until my role transitioned from that of an attendee and presenter to that of an event organizer that I could fully comprehend and appreciate the true… Read More

The ESCO Institute Announces New Refrigerant Training and Certification Program

The ESCO Institute is pleased to announce the release of the Low GWP Refrigerant Safety: Flammable and Mildly Flammable Refrigerants Training and Certification Program. As the HVACR industry continues to move forward and innovate, the refrigerants that were once so commonplace are now being phased down. Replacing them are more energy efficient and environmentally friendlier refrigerants, known as Low GWP refrigerants. Many of these new refrigerants are classified by ASHRAE as A2L, or slightly… Read More

Introducing Refrigeration Simulation from ESCO

All highly effective HVACR service technicians have one thing in common. They have all developed exceptional critical thinking and reasoning skills. One proven way to develop and improve these cognitively grounded skills is by practicing, and ultimately mastering, a series of self-directed and self-actualized exercises that encourage advanced thought process development. Exposing the future and incumbent workforce to scenarios that simulate the very workplace conditions and situations that HVACR technicians commonly encounter in the field,… Read More

HVACR Declared Essential

By Eugene Silberstein, Director of Technical Education and Standards at ESCO Institute The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all sectors of the American economy, including state budgets. As decision makers analyze the data, it is likely that there will be budgetary cuts in many areas including, unfortunately, education. Eugene Silberstein Make certain your school leaders fully understand the importance and significance of the HVACR industry, prior to them making decisions that can adversely affect your program. Read More

EPA Testing: New Options from ESCO

Given these difficult times, many of the people who administer (proctor) HVACR industry exams, are unable to meet face-to-face with those needing to take these closed-book examinations. Many of these examinations, such as the Section 608 EPA Certification, and the HVAC Excellence Employment Ready Certifications are often required for entry in the HVACR industry ... Read More

Remote Proctored EPA Certification Testing

The COVID-19 outbreak has made it difficult for some seeking their closed-book EPA Section 608 Exam, as wholesalers and schools are not open. ESCO Institute has a solution to help those who need to test now, while their normal channel of testing may not be available. The ESCO Institute offers remote, online, proctored exams. Persons with a computer or laptop, with a webcam and microphone, can take their proctored exam online… Read More
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