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Inside Notes: Our Vast Universe

Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott Let’s get into something new for a few months; I’m sure everyone is tried of me ranting about politics, COVID-19 and such. All sane people know exactly what’s going on – the socialists are trying to make a power grab. Instead, let’s delve into how small we really are in the grand scheme of things and what could be waiting for us in the future. Question: Are we alone in this… Read More

Inside Notes: The Totality of the Circumstances

Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott People are very quick to judge situations and conflicts in life. I see on the news that many are very quick to come to a final judgment without all the facts in a case. When I was in law enforcement as a sheriff’s deputy detective and later as a police investigator I saw the worst side of the human drama. It’s been my experience that many people let their emotions fly… Read More

Inside Notes: No Middle Ground

Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott Developing and growing a country is like a marriage – it has to be worked on daily. If not, communication breaks down and the division between parties starts its downward spiral. As in marriage, a country needs a common goal to achieve. One can’t dominate the other and expect to survive; there has to be a middle ground. It’s not easy – as history shows, societies are hard to grow. Just… Read More

Inside Notes: Life is a Fight

Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott Life is a fight on a daily basis. People are in a fight not only with each other, but with something we can’t even see, dreaded and debilitating diseases. While watching the national news during the stay at home order I sometimes wonder when the other shoe will drop. It’s like watching a horror movie when we were young. When the really scary parts came up, we would cover our eyes,… Read More

Inside Notes: Hidden in the Background

Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott I have found during my life that many things are hidden in the background. Secrets, lies, and deception have been with us since the beginning of time. It has basically caused family, friend and work issues, governments to be crushed, all the way up to the fall of civilizations. My Dad use to always tell me, “Son, don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see and you… Read More

Inside Notes: This Too Will Pass

Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott I pray everyone is doing well during this time of adversity in our county. We have had many times in past history that has tested us as a nation and together we have always been victorious as a society. I have been sheltered in place at home as much as possible during this Covid-19 epidemic that has swept the world. Although we have seen many viruses and sickness throughout world history,… Read More
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