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Inside Notes: Hidden in the Background

Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott I have found during my life that many things are hidden in the background. Secrets, lies, and deception have been with us since the beginning of time. It has basically caused family, friend and work issues, governments to be crushed, all the way up to the fall of civilizations. My Dad use to always tell me, “Son, don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see and you… Read More

Inside Notes: This Too Will Pass

Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott I pray everyone is doing well during this time of adversity in our county. We have had many times in past history that has tested us as a nation and together we have always been victorious as a society. I have been sheltered in place at home as much as possible during this Covid-19 epidemic that has swept the world. Although we have seen many viruses and sickness throughout world history,… Read More

Inside Notes: Of Things to Come

Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott The year has already started off with a big bang for 2020. This is going to be a year of change for all of us. It’s easy to accept defeat, but I like to think positively – that the issues ahead of us are just growing pains as we go forward. Issues such as: The Democratic Party came out of the chute trying to impeach President Trump with evidence that a… Read More

Inside Notes: The Men Who Made Us

By Curtis Parrott I think back to how I got to this point in time in my life. After all my mistakes, it was the mentors behind me, pushing me forward kicking and screaming, who made the difference. There have been many mentors in my life and they trained me in the many ways of the world. Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott. For many of us, our fathers made the biggest difference in our lives. Read More

Inside Notes: The Magical Calico

By Curtis Parrott Contrary to popular belief, I do have a heart and somewhat of a soft side, especially for animals. It began at a very early age. I think I tried to rescue every stay cat in the neighborhood. I know I drove my mom and dad crazy. I’ve always loved cats with their mysterious nature and history. They never do what you expect them to do in certain situations. They can be… Read More

Inside Notes: Frogs Are Our Friends

By Curtis Parrott Speaking of things we can’t do without in our world, frogs is one of them. Yes, our friends the frogs! There are about 4,810 species known species of frogs in the world and our little buddy, the frog, has been around the earth for at least 250 million years. The problem is, in the past 35 years, they’ve been dying off in unprecedented numbers. Nearly one-third of the world’s amphibious species… Read More