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Moffitt Corporation Adds Innovation to Ventilation with 3 New Products

Moffitt Corporation, Inc. (Moffitt) recently announced that they are ready to launch three new products into the industrial and commercial marketplace. These products complement the Moffitt message of Natural Ventilation Solutions as they each promote a better work environment by reducing temperatures, reducing the need for maintenance, and reducing the roof load on customers’ buildings. These products were developed by listening to customer feedback and through a focus on manufacturing sophistication. DeltaStream The Moffitt MatrixVent™… Read More

Flexible Parking Garage Gas Monitoring Design Key to Safe, Profitable Projects

Whether new or retrofit construction, HVAC contractors can also be responsible for ventilation in parking structures. But to comply with building codes for life safety in confined spaces, parking structures require gas monitoring to prevent the dangerous accumulation of gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. However, design changes are almost inevitable because such structures are often built first and utilized as development occurs in stages. Specifications written at the start of a project… Read More

COVID-19 and Building Ventilation: Keep Your HVAC Breathing

By Tom Bugg, Melink Corporation As the United States continues the fight against COVID-19 and many reopened businesses are concerned about indoor air quality, new requirements are being implemented for the public’s safety. Recently, New York allowed for the reopening of shopping malls but with a mandate from Gov. Andrew Cuomo: Update HVAC filters with at least a MERV-11 rating to capture the potentially airborne coronavirus particles. Likewise, Colorado’s Denver Public Schools unanimously approved Denver schools to get ventilation… Read More

Sustainable Ventilation Solutions Gain Traction at AHR Expo

WindowMaster Clearline Inc. marks its position as a leading supplier of natural and mixed mode ventilation solutions in the U.S. Did you have the chance to hear about the new, sustainable ventilation alternatives that are gaining traction in North America? More commonly known in academic circles as natural and mixed mode ventilation, WindowMaster Clearline brought the latest technology in intelligent control to this year’s AHR Expo. Although they are fairly new to the U.S. market;… Read More

Is Your University Building Ventilated Like It’s 1978?

By Mr. Tom Kolsun   Is your university building ventilated like it’s 1978? And, why would you care? Health Did you know that humans breathe over 11,000 liters of air a day? Your staff and students will likely spend around 2000 hours per year breathing the air in campus buildings.  Would you drink 900,000 liters of water if I said, “I actually have no idea what’s in it or how long it has been sitting… Read More