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Samsung HVAC FJM Max Heat® Sets a New Standard for Performance and Efficiency

April 01, 2024

Samsung HVAC proudly offers the latest advancement in heat pump technology with the reimagined Free Joint Multi (FJM) Max Heat® system. Designed to excel in cold climate conditions, the FJM Max Heat® sets a new standard for performance and efficiency, delivering unparalleled heating capacity even in extreme temperatures.

The FJM Max Heat® system has the ability to maintain 100% heating capacity at 5°F (-15°C) and high heating output at -13°F (-25°C), ensuring optimum comfort and reliability regardless of weather conditions.

While traditionally popular in the Northeast and Canada, the system’s improved efficiency now positions it as an ideal heating and cooling solution nationwide.

Key features of the reimagined Samsung FJM Max Heat® system include:

  • Connect 2-4 indoor units for multi-zone control with one outdoor unit
  • Available in 4 capacities: 20K, 24K, 30K, and 36K Btu/h
  • Compatibility with SmartThings platform for seamless control and monitoring
  • Integral base pan heater as standard for enhanced reliability in cold climates
  • Higher efficiency rating, meeting Energy Star®, Energy Star® Cold Climate, and CEE North and CEE South requirements
  • Quieter operation and smaller footprint with 2-fan chassis on all models

The FJM Max Heat® system also boasts an array of advanced features designed to simplify installation and optimize performance:

  • implified connection to central control with direct connection to R1/R2 at the outdoor unit
  • Option settings allowing system configuration for cooling, heating, or both
  • “Home run” piping to each indoor unit for streamlined installation
  • Compatibility with all Samsung control options for enhanced flexibility
  • Twin BLDC compressor for high efficiency, low noise, and vibration
  • One-button auto addressing for straightforward system setup

Additionally, the FJM Max Heat® unit seamlessly integrates with a wide range of Samsung indoor units, including WindFree™ 3.0, WindFree™ 3.0e, WindFree™ 3.0i, WindFree™ Mini 4-Way Cassette, WindFree™ 1-Way Cassette, Console, Slim Duct, Duct S and Multi-Position Air Handler (MPAH).

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