Louisiana Gas Fitters License Follow Up

By Danny Keating, Director of the Louisiana/Mississippi HVAC Insider (Editor’s Note: Thanks to Rick Kincel for his help in keeping me updated on this important issue.) In March, I reported on Act 297 of the Louisiana Legislature, which adversely effected the HVACR industry as it related to natural gas connections to furnaces among other things. I have received some potentially ‘good news’ on this very critical matter. Rick Kincel reports “Senate Bill 482 proposed by… Read More

Inside Notes: Taking the Oath

By Curtis Parrott I took my first oath as a young boy when I joined the Cub Scouts, in Albany, Ga. where I was born and grew up in my early years. I reaffirmed that oath at 13 when I became a Boy Scout during my teenage years in Decatur, Ga. I took an oath to God when I was baptized in the Methodist church. I took another oath as a young man when… Read More

From the Inside

By Walter Arnett There is a radio ad I have heard several times that the speaker states he can help you learn how to close those big sales you lost. This commercial got me to thinking about the different methods that successful salesmen use to complete a transaction as a winner. Walter Arnett In my years of service in the HVAC/R industry, I found there are too many ways to approach a customer and be… Read More

From the Outside In

By Jim Haney Spring is just around the corner. Change of seasons is on its way. Time for us to prepare for change and be ready for a season of opportunity. Jim Haney Get everyone in your company on the same page of your plan to maximize profits in this year. You must offer what can help their system be the most efficient and most comfortable system it can be. Make sure their duct system… Read More