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Inside Notes: Back Into the Light

Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott It’s very enlightening when you open your mind to the vastness of the universe and all it encompasses. Finishing this UFO subject up, just understand I’m not talking about little green men running around abducting people. No, I’m talking about stuff that has been flying around the skies since recorded history, which is a very interesting topic. Over recent years, there have been tens of thousands of objects in our skies,… Read More

From the Inside

While riding down the street the other day, I tuned the radio in on the Senate hearing on President Trump’s nomination for the Supreme Court vacancy. My understanding was 30 or 40 Senators would have 30 minutes each to question the candidate on her convictions when making decisions on cases that reach this top Court. I listened for a while to several of the Senators before turning to another station. The hearing, it seems to… Read More

The Inside SEER: Helping During the Pandemic

By Pete Gardner As the months roll by this fall and winter, the pandemic might get worse and with the cold weather people will be stuck inside for the most part.   We all know by now that trying to stay safe and keeping our families virus free depends on how we pay attention to the science and what we need to do to stay virus free, for ourselves and our families. Pete Gardner That… Read More

Between the Lines: The Unexpected

By Fred Martel It’s a sign of the times. Everyone wants instant gratification. Video games have reset buttons. Everyone wants to speed but they will not learn how to drive. Customers have no time or patience. They want the quick fix for little or no money. Do it and get out. As a business person it is your job to slow them down. Haste makes waste and there is more waste than ever in… Read More

Thinking Out Loud: The Sweet Spot

I have been thinking about where the sweet spot is when it comes to family birth order? Is it the oldest, the youngest, or in the middle? I have observed where being the oldest has its advantages and being the youngest has its own rewards. In my mind, the middle has a little of both and thus gives us what I call the sweet spot. Bruce Heberle I was number 4 of 5 in birth… Read More

Once in a Blue Moon

By Danny Keating, Director of the Louisiana/Mississippi HVAC Insider Editor’s note: I originally wrote this for the September 2013 editorial. Our Blue Moon on October 31st is both the 2nd full moon in October and the 3rd full moon in the autumn season. A true Blue Moon. I awoke Tuesday, August 20th in the middle of the night–actually it was early Wednesday morning–and I thought I had left on an outside light in the… Read More