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Inside Notes: The Way of the Future

Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott The world has never grown at such a rapid rate. Just a little over a hundred years ago we were still washing our clothes in the creek and beating them on a rock. We were using lanterns to illuminate the night and riding horses for transportation. It was like that for thousands of years, but look at us now. We are seeing technology develop with such overwhelming speed that it’s hard… Read More

From the Inside

Christmas and New Year have come and gone for another year, but that is no reason for us to cancel the spirit they left behind. The joyful, friendly attitude we acquire at Christmas time could, and should, stay with us all year, and the wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year does not need to be forgotten any time. Remember, if you are enjoying what you are doing, it is not hard work, but… Read More

Inside Notes: Be One with Yourself

Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott I’ve heard the old adage “just be yourself” all of my life. Not as easy as it sounds with what we all have to do on a daily basis. I have wished many times that I could just do that. But just what in the world does it mean? What if someone is being ugly to other people, all the time, driving everyone crazy? Is it okay for them to just… Read More

Inside Notes

You will be seeing a new face in Alabama for 2020. HVAC Insider News is proud to welcome and announce the addition of Bruce Heberle to our team of reporting professionals. Bruce will be working in our Alabama marketplace collecting news, covering events and helping with your advertising needs. Please read his story inside this issue. Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott Be One with Yourself I’ve heard the old adage “just be yourself” all of my… Read More

Inside Seer: The Cold Will Be Ramping Up Fast

By Pete Gardner While the Holiday Season will be moving into January, most people will be traveling on the roads and highways. Pete Gardner In the Mid-Atlantic and the east coast, the weather might be rough. I’m sure the area will get some snow and ice storms along with all of the misery that comes along with it. I hope that you are prepared to deal with inclimate conditions and have your vehicles checked for… Read More

2019 HARDI Annual Conference

By Danny Keating, Director of the Louisiana/Mississippi HVAC Insider In case you missed it, the 2019 HARDI Annual Conference was held in New Orleans at the Hilton Riverside Hotel from Saturday, December 7th to Tuesday, December 10th. The PULSE theme of the conference emphasized “Study the present, Influence the future.” The PULSE theme of the convention was referring to the rich music culture of New Orleans as well as the rhythm of the HVACR… Read More