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“Right to Repair” Movement Gets a Biden Boost: New Legislative Moves in the U.S. and EU Mean Manufacturers Must Prepare for Sustainable Change

What is driving the move towards giving consumers the “right to repair”? Cindy Jaudon “There’s a lot of sustainability buzz around the “Right to Repair” driven by two new legislative moves in both the U.S. and Europe. On July 9th, President Joe Biden signed a historic executive order aiming to increase competition across many U.S. industries by encouraging the FTC to stop manufacturers imposing repairs restrictions, to give consumers the right to repair their own… Read More

Recent Shocks Put Vulnerable Manufacturing Supply Chains Under the Spotlight – New Principles Required to Solve the Age-Old Problem of Supply and Demand

“From COVID-19 vaccine production to the graphic pictures of a heavily laden container vessel stuck in the Suez Canal, recent events have really thrown global supply chains under public scrutiny. For example, each of the five leading vaccines have a huge supply chain associated with their production. As many as 280 materials go into making the Pfizer vaccine coming from 86 suppliers from 19 countries around the world—and any shortages or delivery delays have been… Read More

IFS Wins Business Intelligence Group Innovation Award for its Merged Reality Solution

IFS Remote Assistance provides an interactive virtual reality environment to enable remote ‘side-by-side’ working between remote experts, engineers and customers. IFS, the global enterprise technology company, has announced that its recently-launched IFS Remote Assistance solution has been named one of the business innovations of the year by Business Intelligence Group. IFS Remote Assistance combines remote technology and merged reality to accelerate and simplify problem diagnosis and resolution for any organization working in a decentralized environment. Read More

Resilience Gives Way to Dominance: Three Predictions for How Service Emerges Stronger Than Ever in 2021

By Sarah Nicastro, Field Service Evangelist, IFS and Future of Field Service In a year fraught with such fear, turbulence, and complexity as 2020, it has sometimes taken effort to see the positives. As someone who cares deeply about this industry, one of those positives for me has been witnessing how the leaders I’m speaking to have risen to the challenges of this year with grit, resilience, and fortitude. They’ve shown true compassion for their… Read More

AI and Automation Power Latest Release of IFS Customer Engagement, Driving Improved Customer Experiences

Highly configurable, integrated and fully branded omnichannel hub lets customers book services and get accurate information online, through social or over the phone. IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announces the availability of new and enhanced capabilities in its customer engagement software enabling companies to respond to the challenges facing the traditional call center and transform their customer engagement. IFS is leading the way for service organizations to become knowledge and outcome centric throughout the… Read More

Prepare for the Unexpected: Seven Ways to Build Resilience in Service Management in Uncertain Times

Businesses that offer services have been – and continue to be – the lifeblood of our economy, but the global pandemic is bound to change the way service is delivered in the field argues Marne Martin, President of IFS Service Management. What happens to valuable customer touchpoints if people must keep distance from each other? Marne Martin, President, IFS Service Management Business Unit How will changing customer expectations and preferences push service organizations to innovate?… Read More